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To sum up, the advocate’s obligation in the direction of his opponent rests on the sample of equality and fairness in dealings. Read More!
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loan settlement day

These sections provide that the safe harbor for forward looking statements does not apply to statements made in initial public offerings. Read More

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Many lenders would rather recoup some of the money they are owed rather than having to write off the entire debt. The offer to settle the debt for less than the total amount owed contained in the debt settlement letter will trigger one of the responses from the lender: a rejection, a counter offer or an acceptance. “It's surprising, and very unfortunate, that the CFPB chose to act without taking the time to focus either on the facts or the utility and purpose of ‘coached settlements,’ both of which were thoroughly and completely disclosed to consumers at various points in their debt settlement programs,” Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh, Co Founders and Co CEOs of Freedom Debt Relief, said in a statement from the company Thursday. “The overarching assertion that we cannot and do not settle client accounts with key creditors is simply not true. In fact, since 2010, Freedom Debt Relief has settled $1. 2 billion in debt nearly 200,000 accounts for clients who came to us with accounts from the credit card issuers mentioned in the complaint.
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loan settlement day

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